My name is Benjamin Deibert (Ben to most, but “Benjamin” sounds more professional)…and this is my attempt at a blog that will give me a venue to better share my photography with the world.  

I have been pursuing photography with increasing seriousness since January 2008. For the past two years I have been happy to merely upload just about ALL of my images to flickr without much context, hoping friends, family and strangers would somehow find their way to my page and enjoy my images.  I have come to believe that this is inefficient on a few levels.  First, I wind up uploading every image that I find even remotely pleasing.  There is little editing going on in terms of choosing the cream of the crop.  Second, and I think more important, the images are, as I noted before, without context, narrative or a story of how the image came to be.  Naturally, not every image is deserving of such attention, but there are many that are.

That is why I am starting this blog.  So that I can share the best of my work with everyone interested in seeing it and letting them in on the stories behind it.

So I think I’ll start with one of my favorite photographs I have taken this far in life.

This picture was taken in Greenville, Maine last July.  After an evening of driving around searching for moose in vain, we returned to our cabin as the sun was setting, turning the sky a beautiful blue as it did so.  The combination of the 30 second exposure and a slight breeze rippling across the water made it appear as if the smoothest piece of glass.  This was one of those pictures that one had no doubt about immediately after the shutter clicked.  This would be a keeper.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. What a beautiful picture, Ben. I remember the night well. Someday we will return to that perfect spot way up there in Maine. Superior work, great pictures! I am very proud!

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