The Central Park Project


One of the perks of the office that I work in is the amazing, unobstructed view of Central Park.  It’s a sight that never grows old and is always inspiring.  For some time I thought to myself how interesting it would be document the changes Central Park goes through over the course of the year.  Then, on March 17, 2008 I took the above picture and have been taking it every day since (not including weekends, holidays, vacation days, sick days, personal days and some days when I just plum forgot to take the picture).  I have over 500 different pictures now spanning the course of over two years, and I have no intentions of stopping as long as this view is at my disposal.  I am still not 100% sure what final form this project will eventually take.  I have kicked around different ideas, from a time lapse representation of the passing of the years to a selection of shots that are most representative of each season.  I have begun the tedious process of narrowing down the images, and below are what I consider thus far to be some of the best pictures for the season indicated.


Summer – June 19th, 2008


Fall – November 3rd, 2008


Winter – February 4th, 2009


Spring – April 29, 2009


…and so it shall continue.


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