Nikon Wireless Flash Workshop @ Adorama

Last night I attended a workshop at Adorama focusing on the use of Nikon’s wireless flash system.  I recently purchased this flash and thus far have not been able to make much creative use of it.  I feel like that could all change after attending this workshop.  Paul Van Allen ran the class and was great.  The beginning of the evening was spent getting familiar with Nikon’s TTL system and how it can be used wirelessly through commander mode.  The rest of the night was spent going around to different stations and capturing some pretty amazing images.  No station had more than two flashes, and all of them can be recreated for less than $25 (not including the flashes, of course).  I realize I need to attend more of these workshops, as they always leave me inspired and thirsty to learn as much as I can about photography.  


Cheese Grater


Strawberry Drop



Peacock Feather







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