A Fine Saturday

I had a fine Saturday.  My friend Mike from Lancaster was in town.  We wandered around Williamsburg for a bit and then went to Jersey City to celebrate my friend Allyson’s birthday.  All in all, a great day.

Blooming tree


City skyline


Baby like!




Girl sitting on her bike


MORE flowers


This is the same squirrel from this post.  He’s all grownsed up.


After a Path train ride that consisted of a girl with a bloody face that had just been in a “fight at the club” and her friend that was screaming about how he had lost his debit card and how that meant he could no longer get into his apartment (no clue what that is supposed to mean), I got to the L train only to find MTA workers rolling out some sort of rubber mats on the train tracks.  Needless to day, I went to the street and grabbed this cab.


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