Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Part I

This past Sunday I did something that I have been wanting to do for years and have never seemed to have the time.  I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to experience Hanami, a month-long celebration of the Japanese cultural tradition of enjoying the cherry blossom season.  Although not all of the trees were in bloom, the beauty of the entire park was incredible.  It was only my second trip there in my eight and a half years living in this city, and that is a crying shame.  It is difficult to believe a place such as this exists in the middle of New York City.  If you have the time, Hanami is going on for the rest of the month, and I could not recommend the experience more.  Here is Part I of my day at the garden, with Part II to follow later in the week.





Seeds of some sort


Lots of pictures of beautiful flowers that may or may not be cherry blossoms?  I am no botanist.








Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden


More to come later in the week.


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