Return on Rococo VII: A Baroque Bash!

Last Saturday was the seventh installment of the Return of Rococo Party: A Baroque Bash!  This party is the brainchild of my good friend and band mate Matt Logan.  It incorporates performances of all different types and is always a wild night.  I think Matt summed it up best with his press release:

“The extravagance of 1770 rococo Paris meets the eclecticism of 2010 underground New York nightlife.

Think Amadeus, Marie Antoinette, the Marquis de Sade, etc…   but with a thoroughly modern twist.

This 7th installment of the Party will feature burlesque, fire-dancing, sword play, feats of endurance, magic, juggling, spectacles, vocal cartooning, live art, and live techno baroque rock music.  

Powdered wigs, powdered faces, candelabras, masques, and big hair will all abound at the most baroque ball since the guillotine came down!”


The party was a huge success as always.  So much so that I was unable to see some of the performances because of the overwhelming crowd.  If you would like to be a part of future Baroque Night parties, follow this link to the website and join the mailing list.  You shan’t be disappointed.


Katy Antoinette, getting ready.


The crowd was decked out as well as the participants.


Miss Em’s Props


An antique mirror of Katy’s that fascinated us.


No Baroque Night is complete without candelabaras.


The Honor Amongst Thieves Circus Sideshow was there to dazzle the crowd.

Elliott Inman performed some blockhead stunts. (That’s a power drill gong into his head.)


Jersey Lilly did some glass walking (and jumping).


Geoffrey Spooner shaved while juggling (I do not recommend this).


Katy Antoinette in full costume.


Miss Em performing her burlesque routine.


Anna Jacobson‘s Fire and Poi-Dancing


The Mastermind – Matt Logan


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