After Madrid, we flew to Barcelona for a three day stint.  Out of all of the destinations of the trip, this was by far the place I could most seeing myself living.  It has the life and energy of New York coupled with the old world charm of Europe.  Great nightlife, architecture, food, monuments and parks.  An alluring combination.

Local Lunch

Candy Display at La Boqueria


Antoni Gaudi‘s master-work, La Sagrada Familia.  The project began in 1883 and is scheduled for completion in 2026.












Barcelona from Park Güell (That’s La Sagrada Familia on the left)


Park Güell, also designed by Guadi.  One of the most surreal, fantastical places I have ever seen.
























Cathedral of Santa Eulalia














A different church whose name I do not recall.


Seaside Embrace


Giant Lobster


John at the Barcelona Airport


3 thoughts on “Barcelona

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  2. We are a 6th grade reading class in Lauderhill, Florida studying Barcelona, your photographs are awesome!!!

    Thank you
    Ms. C’s first period reading class.

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