The Duomo

Finally getting back to my trip to Europe which ended almost two months ago, we arrive at the second to last destination on the journey, Florence.  This was by far my favorite city in Italy.  Birthplace of the Renaissance, everything about it seems to represent the height of culture and artistic achievement.  They also make a damn good gelato…the best I have ever had.













From the Campanile



Panoramic View


Inside the Duomo


Piazza della Signoria – An incredible square filled with amazing statues (and copies even even more famous statues, such as David by Michelangelo).













Sunset on the Arno


Piazza della Republica


Piazza Santa Croce


Candid Italians












And now…lots of pictures from watching the sun go down over Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo









The Arno at Night


5 thoughts on “Florence

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  3. Thank you Benjamin for allowing me to view your amazing photos of Florence. They bring back many good memories of my trip to Florence in 2013.

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