Rome – Part I


It’s been over two months since I arrived back from Rome, the last destination on my sixteen day European journey, and it feels good to FINALLY be making a post with its name in the title.  


(Quick reminder as to where we have been thus far: Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Venice, Milan, Cinque Terre and Florence.)  


With every monument, street and building seeming to breath history, Rome is truly an ancient wonder and unlike anywhere I have ever been.  This was the longest stay on our trip (an extensive four days), and I took so many pictures that I was forced to buy an additional memory card on only our second day.  With so much to share from such a photogenic place, I have decided to divide Rome into several posts.  This first post will encompass our first day, and man, did we hit the ground running.  Having heard horror stories about how long the lines can be here, we set out immediately after dropping off our bags at our hostel to see as much as possible.  We found that luck was on our side when it came to lines, as it was for most of the trip, and we were able to breeze through several major attractions in barely any time: The Colosseum, The Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, and the Pantheon.  This set us up nicely to spend the following day at another of Rome’s main attractions, The Vatican, which will be documented soon in “Rome – Part II” .


The Colosseum



Walking Around Palatine Hill and Roman Forum




Brooklyn Sighting in Rome


Il Vittoriano – A monstrous monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of a unified Italy.



The Pantheon














Finishing off our first night with, what else, pizza.


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