Weekly Round-Up – August 22nd, 2010


In recent weeks I realized that I have not been carrying my camera with me as much as usual, resulting in a drastic decrease in my day-to-day shooting.  In 2009 I did a project where I (attempted) to take a picture every day of the year.  This had me carrying my camera everywhere and constantly on the lookout for interesting shots.  I did not attempt the same project this year.  I have tried to continue to shoot as much as possible, but after my return from Europe I was so overwhelmed with the backlog of editing I had to do my focus on day-to-day street shooting waned.  My camera was no longer a constant accessory.  Thursday I decided that I would change that and get my head back in the shooting game. Good thing too, because otherwise the majority of the pictures in this Weekly Round-Up would not have existed.    


Bedford and Grand


Metropolitan Ave




Surveillance Skeeball



Greek Salad, BBQ Spare Ribs and Polenta as prepared by Chef Kate Smackles


..and the presentation.


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