London – Day 1


As I’ve mentioned in several posts, I recently spent five days in London. My girlfriend was there on business so I obviously had no choice but to tag along. My original plan was to make a few updates to my blog while there, but my time was much better spent seeing as many sites as possible and I did not get around to it. I have much new work to share from all of that sightseeing that will require more than one blog post, and have decided that there is enough that each day is worthy of its own post. Day 1 found me landing early in the morning to what would be the most beautiful day I would experience while in London. After a power nap to overcome jet lag, I headed out to Regent’s Park and then to Hyde Park, both of which were very close to our hotel.  That evening we took in a Chelsea soccer game (or “footy” as the locals referred to it) and finished the night with some traditional pub fare.  All in all, a good introduction to the city. Plenty more to come from this trip, hopefully sooner rather than later.



Regent’s Park





Hyde Park – The Marble Arch












Hyde Park Horse Head



The Serpentine




Montagu Mansions


Chelsea vs Newcastle Penalty Kick – The British take their soccer very seriously.


Fish and Chips


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