Behind Home Plate at Citi Field

Major League Baseball has officially moved on to the post season, with my Phillies having swept the Reds last night to advance to the division series. However, before the season drew to a close, my friend/band mate/coworker Kate and I found ourselves in possession of Mets v. Brewers tickets, with the best seats I will probably ever experience in my life. Given that these tickets came from the upper ranks of my company, I had a feeling the seat location would be quite good. Little did I know just how great the seats—and the entire evening—would turn out. Originally, we were to supposed to be located in the first row behind home plate, but upon arriving for game one of the double-header, Kate and I were informed that the season ticket holder would be attending the second game, and therefore we’d have to accept tickets for the sixth row instead. Initially, I was a little disappointed to hear this, until Citi Field made up for the discrepancy by “reimbursing” us for the difference in ticket prices—with a $300 gift card to spend on food, drink and fan-gear inside the stadium! Of course, we weren’t able to spend it all, but did our best by living far beyond our usual means for the evening. It also allowed me to get some fantastic shots from very close range.


Jose Reyes at Bat


Home Run Apple


Before Night Falls


After Night Falls – With one of the ever present planes flying in and out of Laguardia Airport


Umpire Signaling for More Balls


Angel Pagan at Bat


Two Final Citi Field Shots



From the Subway Platform after the Game


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