ARTS! By The People Fall Benefit


This past Saturday my group Colorform performed at a benefit for the non-profit group ARTS! By The People. This group, co-founded by Colorform member and all around amazing artist Sarah Valeri, works in communities in New York City and Norther New Jersey making creative arts programs and classes available to children and seniors. A!BTP began only a little over a year ago and has made incredible strides. We were happy as always to lend or services to the cause.


The pictures contained in this post are of the performance “I Came Here on the Back of a Spider” And Other Lies, as performed by Korhan Basaran, Cara Heerdt and Cesare Papetti. The performance took place in an incredible installation created by Sarah Millman and was directed by Yasemin Adali. We found ourselves with a somewhat behind the scenes view, which was prime positioning for some interesting photography. Kudos to A!BTP and all of the performers and artist who contributed to the successful afternoon.































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