From the Archives – The Sky – June 12th, 2008


As I mentioned in my first-ever blog post nearly nine months ago, photography has always held an interest for me, but I did not begin seriously pursuing it until I purchased my first DSLR in January 2008. I spent the first few months with this camera constantly shooting, learning by trial and error, and picking up as much insight as I could from books, blogs and various other sources. While I learned a great deal this way and saw improvement in my work, I eventually decided I could benefit from some more formal instruction, which led me to take an introductory photography course at PhotoManhattan. Over nine weeks, our fantastic instructor taught us not only the fundamentals of the art, but also valuable information about the profession, and this had a profound effect on my growth as a photographer.


The culmination of the class was an exhibition where every student displayed six photographs that were all based around a common theme–a task I found very challenging. For weeks, I went to class feeling comfortable that I had successfully completed my assignments, but lost as to what my final project would be. Then a weekend trip to climb Mount Washington in New Hampshire provided me with some inspiration. It was a beautiful day for hiking. The views were incredible, and upon my return I had several solid shots of beautiful skies. After I realized this, I looked back over my other work and found that I am often shooting skywards (something that continues to this day) and had plenty to choose from for the exhibition. Below are the six pictures I selected to display. I like the to think that I have grown a great deal since June of 2008 when this exhibition took place, but I was very proud of my work and it is always good to look back at where you started.


Street Lamp and Moon


Hiking the Snow Wall


Flowers in the Sky


The Cairns of Mount Washington


Street Lamp and Helicopter


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