Weekly Round-Up – November 1st, 2010


Due to an extremely active Halloween weekend, the Weekly Round-Up got pushed back a day this week. But there’s plenty to share, so let’s not delay!


Forest Hills, Queens


Protest of RFR Realty



Beautiful Sunrise at Work




…and Beautiful Sky Later in the Day


Coloform Showcase at Studio 440

Box and Jug Wine and Doritos -The makings of any good showcase


KMBS (our former name) – Cupcakes by Ashley


Art by Sarah Valeri


Tuna, Spinach and Risotto, also by Ashley


Pork Store




Le Petit Cafe


Brunch at Le Petit Cafe


Bench and Flowers


St. Mary Star of the Sea


G Train – Best little kid costume I saw



2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up – November 1st, 2010

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  2. i love the G train too! how cute. i can just imagine him declaring that is what he wanted to be for Halloween!
    Also, the first picture of the protest of RFR Realty is awesome. the black and white recalls photos of earlier protests. very interesting commentary on temporality, tradition, and progress.

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