Vintage Subway Ride


On Sunday I fought off the rain, the cold and a burning desire to stay inside all day and do nothing but watch football in order to drag myself (and Ashley and Matt) to Queens Plaza to catch the 3:14PM run of the Vintage Subway Train. Contrary to popular belief, the MTA doesn’t solely exist to raise fares and cut service, and the Vintage Subway Ride has got to be one of their better ideas. Every Sunday in December, these trains (mostly from the 1930s) make trips on the 6th Avenue line at regularly scheduled intervals. Of particular enjoyment are the old advertisements that still adorn the cars. There are only two days left to experience this, and I would highly recommend it. Consult the MTA page on the subject for exact times.


Millions Enjoy Wrigleys Spearmint



City of New York


Obey the Law


Matt Shooting


On the Car


Please Keep Hands Off The Doors


Notice To Passengers – Look at ‘dem fares!



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