The Blizzard


Sunday night while I was in Pennsylvania enjoying Christmas weekend away from the city, Mother Nature decided to wallop the Northeastern United States with quite the blizzard. The 20 inches of snow wreaked havoc on New York, stranding cars, interrupting public transportation, and leaving streets unplowed for days. My Dad, Ashley, Tucker and I braved the elements to drive back from Lancaster on Monday, a decision that at times looked questionable. The good news is that we made it safely with little trouble, my father’s return journey was also smoothly, and the worst headaches of the storm seem to have finally passed.


Helping a Hapless Taxi on N5th – At one point this guy was completely perpendicular to the road. He eventually got out of the car and helped push while a bystander drove. After about 15 minutes, the cab caught traction and the driver ran down the street in his Santa hat to catch his freed lively hood, hands in the air, victorious.


Ashley Navigating an Unshoveled Bedford Avenue


Snow Mound


Sunrise on S 2nd


Grand Army Plaza from Work



Central Park is always beautiful after a big snowfall. Wednesday I headed for a brief stroll through the park to take catch some shots.

Sledding in Central Park




Some B&W Shots




Wollman Rink in the Background


Stairs in Central Park


The MTA was a little less thorough with their stair shoveling. No big surprise there.


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