Weekly Round-Up – March 14th, 2011


I start this week off with a shameless mirror self portrait, but things will get better from here. I have been shooting full force with my new lenses, and have a great deal to share. Featured in this post: some macro testing, some animals, and, as always, some food. Expect at least two more posts this week featuring Grand Central Terminal and the Captain Lawrence Brewery.








Shot Glass




…and Tucker


Honey-Soy Glazed Chilean Sea Bass w/ Green Curry Coconut Sauce by Ashley


Recently, my good friend John sent me the book Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin, a cookbook by an eccentric New York City restauranter. After receiving the book, I watched a documentary on the man called I Like Killing Flies, and have been mildly obsessed ever since. I highly recommend both the movie and the book, which has been my go-to cookbook as of late. Below is one of the first delightful dishes I tried my hand at.

Pecan Chicken Wild Rice Enchiladas


Homemade Pizza (including dough) by Ashley



…and After


Fire Escape


Living Room


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