Diana Photos – Mendoza, Argentina

The time has come… my first post from Argentina! There are going to be a lot of these, so I plan on rolling them out slowly but consistently. I took about 1,500 pictures on the trip (not all “keepers”, of course), and want to take my time weeding through them so as to not miss anything.

This first post come in the form of the first Diana post from the trip. I shot a total of four rolls (three color and my first black and white), and am really happy with the results. The first stop on the trip was Mendoza, a beautiful city nestled in the foothills of the Andes. It’s known for its outdoor activities, great food and delicious wine, and we partook heavily in all three. Hiking and horseback riding in the Andes, wine tasting in Lujan de Cuyo and steak after steak after steak made for an incredible first leg of the trip.

Vineyards of Kaiken located in Lujan de Cuyo

Table and Chairs in the Andes

Double Exposure – Hiking in the Andes

Summit of Arenales


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