Mendoza, Argentina – Parque General San Martín

After a day spent hiking in the Andes, we decided to take day three in Mendoza casually, since it was the only one not accounted for by an out of town excursion. We meandered around the city, gradually making our way to the Parque General San Martín, an 865 acre park with over 11 miles of pathways and 300 species of trees. We were relatively underwhelmed by the park, as it seemed all it had to offer were said pathways and trees. It did, however, have its share of picturesque scenes, which are shared in this post.

Fuente de los Continentes

Old Cars

Flowers and Trees

After walking miles through the park, we arrive at the Mendoza Zoo. Having heard that it was the best zoo in all of South America, we thought it would be worth a visit. Oh how wrong we were. Filthy cages, absurd over crowding, and no semblance of any kind of safety measures made this one of the most depressing spectacles I’ve ever encountered. It was decidedly NOT worth a visit, and we hurried ourselves through in an attempt to avoid the disheartening scene.  Here are the very few pleasant images I managed to capture there.




Zoo Path


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