Mendoza, Argentina – Los Chocos

Mendoza provided Ashley and I with any number of amazing meals during our stay, but our last night there we would experience what was quite possibly the best meal of my life. While consulting TripAdvisor for some eating options, we noticed that Mendoza’s #1 ranked restaurant, Los Chocos, sounded as unique as it did delectable. A small, intimate gathering of no more than eight diners is brought into an apartment where the chef and host combination of Martin and Martin treat you to a gourmet five course meal comprised entirely of local ingredients, complete with wine pairings. We arrived to find our dinner party would only be four people, two French Canadians, Ashley and myself. The night begin with a glass of champagne in the living room and some small talk as the final preparations were being made to the meal. We then moved to the dining room for what was an unforgettable culinary experience.


First Course – pork chorizo w/ sundried tomatoes and hard cheese on toast, served with torrontés sangria

Second Course – empanada w/ house-made chimichurri

Third Course – beet carpaccio w/ brie, figs and walnuts

Fourth Course – ossobuco cooked 10 hours in Malbec w/ creamy potatoes and fresh cucumber

Fifth Course – an incredible dessert that I don’t really know how to explain, but believe me, it ruled.


3 thoughts on “Mendoza, Argentina – Los Chocos

  1. Josh and I had the same meal a week later. Matrin and Martin were great, but the food was AMAZING!!! It was funny to see your note to them in the comment book.
    ciao, Sarah

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