Mendoza, Argentina – All The Rest

So far my pictures from Mendoza have had Ashley and I hiking, wine tasting, horseback riding, and generally enjoying the city. With this post, however, the first leg of the Great Argentina Adventure comes to a close. This is simply a collection of Mendoza shots that did not fit in to my aforementioned blogs of this great city, an attempt to catch the feel of the culture and daily life by way of my wanderings. All in all, Mendoza is outstanding for food, wine and outdoor adventures, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the country.

Flying over the Andes from Santiago, Chile

First Meal in Argentina at Azafran – It did not disappoint.

Table Flowers



Meat and Cheese Plate

The famous irrigation system, originally developed by the indigenous Huarpes.

Plaza Independencia

Many in the park were intrigued by the camera.

Plaza España

Backyard of Hostel Lao – The great hostel where we stayed.



Sweeping the Plaza


Mercado Central – Mmmmmm… Tongue…

On the Tarmac – Last shot in Mendoza.


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