Buenos Aires, Argentina – Plaza Dorrego Flea Market

For the past several months I have slowly been revisiting my trip to South America back in April, and it is now time to begin posts on the final destination in Argentina: Buenos Aires. Ashley and I spent more time here than anywhere else, and were really able to get a feel for the place. We stayed in the neighborhood of San Telmo, which allowed us easy access to the Plaza Dorrego Flea Market that takes places every Sunday. This open air market is a wonder of antiques (especially old timey siphon bottles), handmade jewelry, arts, crafts and what especially caught my eye, street performers. Dancers and musicians were everywhere, making for a festive atmosphere on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Antique Siphon Bottles


Iglesia de San Pedro Telmo

Tango Street Performers

Orquesta Típica El Afronte

Guitar Player


2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires, Argentina – Plaza Dorrego Flea Market

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