A Person A Day – Week One

In my post The 11 Best Photos of 2011 I mentioned a few projects I had in mind for the new year. This is one of them.

In 2009, I set out to take at least one picture everyday for the entire year, a project called 365 Pictures. I came up a little short, but working towards that goal did wonders for my photography. It got me in the habit of carrying my camera with me almost everywhere, and also taught me to constantly have my eyes open and be aware of my surroundings. You never know when a perfectly composed scene will present itself, and you have to be ready to capture it. This year, as opposed to simply taking a picture everyday, I am setting out with a new goal in mind in hopes of strengthening a specific area of my photography.

I’ve never felt very comfortable photographing strangers. For some reason, I always expect a negative reaction from the subject, as well as feel moderately creepy when doing so. I’ve received some good advice about overcoming this phobia over the years, but have yet to put it to any serious use. When I was taking an introductory photography course at PhotoManhattan, one of the instructors told the class about one of his first assignments in photography school which was to shoot 50 faces in a week. At first he found it easy, shooting all of his friends and acquaintances. However, when that resource was exhausted, he had to hit the street. Initially he was hesitant about sticking his lens in the face of strangers, but needed to finish the assignment. By the time he reached 50 faces, he was barely phased by the prospect of photographing someone he didn’t know. That is the crux of what I am trying to accomplish with this project, which is called “A Person A Day”. Originally, I was going to call it “A Face A Day”, but even within the first week of trying this, I found it too restrictive. The objective is pretty self explanatory: each day I intend to photograph a person; some friends, some family–but for the large part strangers. I am hoping that by doing this I become much more comfortable with photographing people I don’t know. There will undoubtedly be failures as well as triumphs, but I have no doubt that when all is said and done I will be a more well-rounded photographer because of it.

Day 1 – Self Portrait

Starting easy

Day 2 – Blurry on Bedford

Day 3 – Sleeping on the F

Day 4 – Bartender at Red 58

Day 5 – Union Square L Platform

By far my least favorite of the week

Day 6 – Waiting for the L

Day 7 – Reading and Drinking Coffee

A beautiful day in the city


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