A Person A Day – Week Two

This was one of the hardest weeks of my life, as will be explained by the last photo in this post. I did my best to stick to this project, and given the circumstances, I feel pretty pleased with the results. Here’s to better times ahead.

Day 8 – Cook at Bistro Petit

Day 9 – Reading on the R Train

Day 10 – Construction Worker on the BQE

Day 11 – April

Day 12 – Dad

An iPhone photo

Day 13 – Ashley

Day 14 – Mom

This one is difficult. My mother passed away this week, and to call her death tragic and unexpected would not even begin to do it justice. I guess this photo from her memorial is not technically a person in the traditional sense, but I don’t care. The image of her portrait and urn conjures moments and emotions so vivid that any shot of flesh and bone pales in comparison to me. This woman raised me and supported my every endeavour, including being one of the biggest fans of my photography. I am terribly sad and will feel the effect of this loss for the rest of my life. Goodbye Mom. I love you.


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