Road Trip to South Carolina

I’ve always enjoyed a good road trip. Throughout my childhood, any vacation always included hours of driving. Whether we were traveling to the Outer Banks, Atlanta or Lake Michigan, we drove. So I was undaunted and even excited when Ashley and I drove the 13+ hours from New York to visit her parents just south of Myrtle Beach, SC for Thanksgiving. I had driven through South Carolina on a road trip to Miami during college, but it was one of the two states left on the east coast in which I had never spent any significant time (the other being Rhode Island, where I’ve never even set foot). The drive, 75% of which is on I-95, isn’t particularly scenic, but the fall always makes driving south interesting as the seasons seemingly begin to slowly roll backwards. Our trip was relatively free of headaches (minus the three extra hours of driving when returning), and we a great time in a state foreign to me enjoying the southern hospitality.

Hitting the Road

New Jersey Turnpike

I95 in Virgina

South of the Border

An insane, tourist trap/truck stop on crack, this “highway oasis” just south of the North Carolina border (get it?) has a little something for everyone. Food, fireworks, immense neon signs and chachkies galore make this a necessary stop when traveling down I95, even if it’s only for the irony of it. I was very happy to be rolling through right a dusk, with the neon light aglow.

Murrells Inlet


Lakeside House in Heritage Plantation

Sunset at Heritage Marina

Pit Stop on the Drive Back


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