Remembering Jerry

What has started out as “The Year of Suck” for me continued full force yesterday when I lost one of my best friends Jerry the cat (a.k.a. Little Jerry, a.k.a. Little Jerry Seinfeld, a.k.a. LJ, a.k.a. LJS), to a brief but deadly battle with severe kidney failure. We took him to the vet last Wednesday, and yesterday he was gone. I know everyone considers their animal to be the best, and Jerry is no exception for me. I’ve never met a cat as expressive, loving and fond of people as he was. It’s not often that one can carry on a “conversation” with a cat, or that a cat beats the dog to the door to welcome you home. Along with being a friend, he was my favorite subject to photograph (as you probably already know if you read this blog regularly). I thought I would celebrate his life by sharing some of my favorite pictures of him from his brief six years on earth.

Kitten – Pre-DSLR for me

27th Street Apt


The Eyes

The Paws

Falling Asleep


Curled Up

Looking Up

In a Bag – a favorite spot

Paws Again

Drinking from the Shower – his all-time favorite pastime

Looking Up Again

In the Window

This picture is part of the final series I ever took of him, which was on Saturday after his return home from a 4 day stint in the vet hospital. I was so happy to have him home, and he was happy to be there, wasting little time in jumping in the window to enjoy the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and to look down on the street below. Damn, I’ll miss you Jerry.


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