From the Archives – Buenos Aires – Graffiti and Art

One week from today, my girlfriend Ashley and I embark on a journey to Turkey. In anticipation of this, I wanted to post some pictures from a past trip that never made it onto this blog.

In April 2011, we traveled to Argentina for two weeks. I posted many pictures from our time there, from Mendoza and Iguazu Falls, specifically, but much of what I shot in Buenos Aires never made it into a formal post. I intend to change that over the next week, posting as much from this trip as I can. I’ll begin with a subject close to my heart: art.

Buenos Aires, much like my beloved New York, has a prevalent culture of graffiti and street art, and the artists there execute at an extremely high level. One of the first things to catch my eye when walking around the neighborhood San Telmo was just how much graffiti there was. It appears that almost every building, and certainly ever block, is marked in one form or another. The vast majority of this work is elaborate, beautiful and often political, a far cry from the seemingly senseless tagging that I see happen in my neighborhood. Aside from the graffiti, the city is also peppered with sculptures, monuments and art installations of all kinds.


Floralis Generica

Sidewalk Art

Girl on a Bench



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