Istanbul, Turkey – A Sign of Things to Come

As mentioned in my previous post, Ashley and I just returned from vacation in Turkey. It was pretty much the most enjoyable vacation I’ve ever had. I have many, many pictures and stories to share from our time there, but the first question most people usually have is about the riots. Luckily, our time in Istanbul was at the beginning of our trip, well before the most serious clashes between protesters and police. However, our first night at dinner we were witness to what in hindsight may have been some early tensions. As we were settling into the main course of what was our first, as well as one of our best meals while in Turkey, there was commotion on the street. Suddenly, police in riot gear went running by, and what appeared to be smoke was proven to be tear gas by the reaction of those on the street. As this was happening I grabbed my camera from underneath the table and was able to snap a few quick shots of the events from my seat at the dinner table. We looked for any word of this in the news the following day, only to find none. This brief bit of chaos was the only time during our entire trip that we felt anything remotely close to danger, and it was over just as quickly as it began.





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