New Orleans – Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

In honor of it being Fat Tuesday and the week of Mardis Gras, I’ve decided to publish a number of posts of pictures from a trip to New Orleans that never found their way onto this blog for some reason.

Back at the end of August 2011, while the east coast was preparing to battle Hurricane Irene, Ashley and I were enjoying a hurricane extended stay in the Big Easy. New Orleans had long been at the top of my list of domestic destinations to visit, so with my brother Michael living there at the time, and a friend graciously offering up her apartment in which to stay, it was the perfect opportunity for a visit. We arrived in the evening, and after a few introductory cocktails Bouligny Tavern, we retired early in order to be ready for our first adventure early the next morning, a tour of Honey Island Swamp about an hour outside of the city. Our guide, a swamp bred Cajun named Captain Ted, led us deep into one of the best preserved swampland habitats in the United States. We encountered birds, racoons and plenty of gators while cruising through the beautiful yet unforgiving environment.

Cajun Encounters

The Swamp

Dead Slow – No Wake

Spider in the Boat

Captain Ted

More Swamp

A curious family of raccoons that followed us along the swamp bank

Captain Ted feeding Big Al, a 13 foot alligator


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